AMF Bowling is joining the Xtreme Entertainment family

Xtreme Entertainment

AMF Bowling Garden City is joining the Xtreme Entertainment Family

After many years of operation, we are changing the name of AMF Bowling Garden City to Xtreme Entertainment, and officially joining the Xtreme Family. 
Changes will occur from today until the 1st of May.

We are excited to join the Xtreme Family, but don’t worry, we’re keeping all the things you love about AMF Bowling, the fun service and the experienced hosts in our centre will remain the same, which means you can expect the same high level of service. We are still the Champions of Fun.

Stay tuned – we have exciting things in the pipeline for our bowling centre to keep the fun times rolling.

For now, we have provided some quick answers to some questions you may have about the name change. 

If you have any questions you would like answered, feel free to comment below and our team will respond in a timely manner.

Thanks for your support!

The team at Xtreme Entertainment

Why are you changing the name of AMF Bowling?
Our bowling centre has come under new ownership and there are plans to improve the experience for all our customers. This means we are excited to join the Xtreme Entertainment family along with the other centres across New Zealand.

What else is changing at your centres?
Nothing – there are no other changes planned at the moment. All the things you loved about AMF Bowling will roll into Xtreme Entertainment. You will not notice any difference over the short term, but over time you will see significant improvements in our bowling centre.

Will prices be changing?
No, our prices and deals will remain the same, so you can enjoy the same great experience each time you visit. Click here to check out our current deals.

I have a party or event booked on a date after the name change. Is there anything we need to do?
No, you will not have to re-book. We have your booking details and are excitedly preparing for your next visit or event!

Will the centre be closed for any length of time?
We are expecting small disruptions; however, we do not intend to close our centre for an extended period of time.