The Autumn school holidays have a way of sneaking up on you with as much skill as a sharp-witted eight-year-old who loves to jump out at her parents when they're least expecting it.

These holidays tend to fall around Easter in New Zealand, running throughout April depending on your area. After a few too many chocolate bunnies and gooey marshmallow eggs, it might be a good opportunity to bowl on in to your nearest AMF Centre and give the kids something to talk about when they get back to school next term.

Autumn school holidays at AMF

AMF Centres have got fun holiday activities down to a fine art. In fact, if your kids are old enough to be at school, they're old enough to come in and see us.

Parents can take a break from babysitting by chilling out in our cafe and bar area with a cup of coffee and a good book, or just drop the older kids off for a few hours.

Bowling is a great sport for the little ones to get into as it's easily taught and anyone can play. It's can improve hand-eye coordination and helps keep your kids physically active during the break.

Siblings spend half their time fighting as it is, so a bit of battleground action in the Laser Tag arena is just the ticket to let them at each other with nothing more than harmless phaser guns. Unless of course they're on the same team, in which case they might even have to work together!

In addition, the variety of our range of arcade games leaves something for everyone, whether that's a puzzle, a hand-eye coordination game, video games, or racing games.

And once they're good and worn out from bowling, shooting, and gaming, we've got more snacks and meals than even a growing teenage boy could handle, and plenty of healthy options to balance out those Easter treats as well.

Take a look at our special offers for deals throughout the year, or book online with a few clicks to get your next school holiday adventure sorted.


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